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HSS Adjustable Hand Reamer

10 Pcs. Wooden Dapping Block Set Incl. Wood Punches

Round Head D Protector

High Speed Steel (HSS) Countersink Tools

Carbide Brazed Boring Bars

Wiggler Edge Center finder Set

Blank Arbors

Drill Gauges

Eye loupe Magnifier

New Product Launch
  • Ultra Precision Working Block Pairs

  • Precision 2" Inches Quick Release Steel Vise For Micro Machining Milling Drilling Grinding

  • Large Capacity M4 to M20 Sturdy Tap Handle

  • Mini Vertical Milling Slide Mounted on Z Type Caste Iron Angle Plate -Direct Fit for Mini Lathes

  • Adjustable Tailstock for HV8 Rotary Table- Hardened & Ground Point

  • V Block Jig Fixture for Center Drilling of a Round Work-piece 2

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