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Engineer Starter Kit Set # 3

HV4 Rotary Table, Dividing Plate & Tailstock Set

SS Drill Stand with Sturdy Plastic Base -Imperial & Metric Dimensions

HSS Single Angle Chamfer Milling Cutter

Rotary Table Fitted on Rotary Table

Ratchet Type Tap Wrench with Interchangeable Heads

Micro Sensitive Drill Adaptor Miniature Quill with JT0 Drill Chuck

Heavy Duty Drill Vice

Small Steel Vice 50 mm

New Product Launch
  • Ultra Precision Working Block Pairs

  • Precision 2" Inches Quick Release Steel Vise For Micro Machining Milling Drilling Grinding

  • Large Capacity M4 to M20 Sturdy Tap Handle

  • Mini Vertical Milling Slide Mounted on Z Type Caste Iron Angle Plate -Direct Fit for Mini Lathes

  • Adjustable Tailstock for HV8 Rotary Table- Hardened & Ground Point

  • V Block Jig Fixture for Center Drilling of a Round Work-piece 2

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